Advocating for Responsible and Kind Farming Practices


We want to be good stewards of the animals entrusted to us. A well-cared-for cow equals more fresh milk. The cows that provide fresh, creamy milk for Hastings Creamery are seen as valuable and worth our time to ensure they are properly treated.

Herd health is an essential aspect, with regular health checks completed by veterinarians or holistic treatments being administered. Each farm has a systematic plan in place for its cows and makes sure that employees are trained in caring for them properly.

We care for our cows like they are part of the family, and, really, they are!

Cows like Jill, Coffee, Avalanche, and Poppy are also pets and are shown by our children at the county fair. We make thoughtful decisions on their comfort- whether it be providing fans and shade in the summer or extra bedding, feed, and warmth in the sometimes brutal MN winter. They have balanced feed rations, so they receive adequate nutrition and always plenty of clean drinking water. (Did you know a lactating dairy cow can drink up to 30-50 gallons of water a day?)

So, in a way, we take care of the cows and they take care of us!

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