Why Hastings Creamery


Hastings Creamery was founded on the mission of providing fresh, high-quality products while nurturing our local communities. Our products are backed by a long history of loving what we do- so much that you can taste the difference.

We advocate for responsible farming practices and are mindful of every local decision for the next generation of farmers. By combining the expertise of generations of farmers and rolling hills of contented cows, we cultivate the satisfying taste of fresh milk for you and your family.

Farm-Fresh Taste Only Cows Can Make

Our process is simple: Responsible farming practices, local farmers with generations of expertise, and cows that do not receive added growth hormones or pesticides. We follow strict regulations and inspections to ensure attention to detail and quality.

By producing, hauling, and delivering our products we are able to get fresher products to your stores. Our milk is processed using the High Temperature Short Time (HTST) pasteurization process which preserves the fresh flavor of the milk. We do NOT use Ultra High Pasteurization.

Our Process

Advocating for Responsible and Kind Farming Practices

Our Certified Organic and sustainable farms are mindful of every local decision we make to lower our carbon footprint, steward our resources, and care for our cows. Our farmers are passionate about the work that they do and the farms that they keep for generations to come.

Sustainable Family Owned-Farms

Our farmers are passionate about the work that they do because they own it. At Hastings Creamery, we are passionate about one thing: delivering your family the highest quality product in a local and sustainable way. We care about the land, the animals, and creating generations of successful farmers.