The History Behind Hastings Creamery

The History Behind Hastings Creamery

Local Minnesota Farmers Since 1913

While we’re not exactly a new creamery (we’ve been in Hastings, MN since 1913), we want to formally introduce ourselves anyway!

We’re Hastings Creamery: owned by farmers, nurturing local communities with fresh milk, and actively supporting the next generation of family farms. Our current manufacturing facilities are located in Hastings, MN, where we process the majority of our dairy products: milk, cream, buttermilk and Comstock, WI, where we produce more than 14 varieties of cheese.

Hastings Creamery began as a butter manufacturer in 1913 and later began bottling milk in 1920. Fast forward to 2021, when the creamery was purchased by a group of small organic farms to secure a direct way to market their milk while ensuring that their family farms can transition into the hands of the next generation.

We understand that the health of our cows is not just about producing more milk, but caring for them in a holistic way: as an extension of our families. Our farms advocate for responsible and kind farming practices, and because we source our milk from local farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin, we get the freshest milk possible by cutting down the time it takes to get from cow to carton.

All that to say: our products are backed by a long history of loving what we do – and honoring the responsibility of doing it well. Our Certified Organic and sustainable farms follow strict quality regulations and inspections, which means that each carton you purchase off grocery store shelves supports local farmers who work to set the standard for better products and practices in the dairy industry.

With safe farming practices, local farmers with generations of expertise, and cows that do not receive added growth hormones or pesticides, we believe in our attention to detail and quality – and hope you can taste the difference!

Why Hastings Creamery

Hastings Creamery was founded on the mission of providing fresh, high-quality products while nurturing our local communities. Our products are backed by a long history of loving what we do — so much that you can taste the difference.

We advocate for responsible farming practices and are mindful of every local decision for the next generation of farmers. By combining the expertise of generations of farmers and rolling hills of contented cows, we cultivate the satisfying taste of fresh milk for you and your family.

Learn more about our company values and where you can find local Minnesota milk and organic Wisconsin cheese near you!

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