Monterey Jack

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  • Monterey Jack

    Known for its mild flavor and semi-soft texture, our cow’s milk Monterey Jack is an exceptional cheese that can be added into many different recipes. Whether you’re melting it into a casserole or slicing it for a sandwich, the neutral taste makes recipe possibilities endless!

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  • Dill Monterey Jack

    For a cheese with subtle flavor bordering on sweet, choose Dill Monterey Jack.

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  • Garlic Monterey Jack

    Looking for an upgrade for your lunch? Try slices of Garlic Monterey Jack on your next sandwich.

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  • Jalapeno Monterey Jack

    Often known as “Pepper Jack”, this Jalapeno Monterey Jack can spice up your next batch of cheesy enchiladas.

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  • Onion Chive Monterey Jack

    This creamy Monterey Jack features a layered approach to flavor by using both onion and chives to tickle your tastebuds.

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