Minnesota Family Farmers – Hastings Creamery

Minnesota Family Farmers – Hastings Creamery

Hastings Creamery is owned by a small group of farmer owners dedicated to producing high quality milk and getting farmers fair prices.

Here is what Tim Anderson, Local MN farmer has to say.

“My dad purchased the farm in the fall of 1966. I was born on our family dairy, and I have been milking cows since I was four years old. This farm has been my whole life, and our family has dedicated ourselves to keeping it running through thick and thin. There have been some tough times, but I can’t imagine doing anything else. 

I met and married my wife Naomi in 2012; she is a high school English teacher, but also helps out around the farm as needed. In 2014, our farm made the transition to being an organic farm and dairy. I take pride in the work we do and the care we take of our land and animals, including wildlife. 

Holding on to our farm and keeping it thriving is very important to us as we have two sons and would like to provide them with the opportunity to farm into the next generation and also support them as they start their adult lives. My son Thomas is already working full-time on our farm and has been since he graduated from high school, seven years ago. His wife, Larissa, also works for our dairy by feeding and raising calves. My son George is just turning nine in March, and I am glad he has the rare opportunity to be raised on a farm and learn about animals, and crops, and develop a good work ethic. 

We all know small family farms have been hit hard economically over the last many years, so when we had the opportunity to purchase Hastings Creamery, we jumped at it. We take pride in our farm, our work, our cows, and our milk. Purchasing Hastings Creamery, which is known for its excellent quality, is a perfect partnership. Being able to deliver our superior product directly to the consumer is something I have always wanted to do. 

We hope that this opportunity provides for our family and for generations of young farmers to come. It is exciting to think that many consumers will enjoy the milk from our small dairy that we love so much.”

Best Regards,

Tim, Naomi, Thomas, Larissa, and George Anderson

About Hastings Creamery

Learn more about Hastings Creamery and our family of local Minnesota farmers and our line of conventional and organic milk products, and organic Comstock cheeses.

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