Our Family Farmers


Hastings Creamery was built with a passion for serving the community. As a farmer-owned creamery built on generations of family farms, we focus on producing quality products that taste good and are good for you while seeking to ensure that the next generation can successfully continue to farm.

Our producers are passionate about the work that they do; their land and its stewardship, the well-being of their cows, and providing superior milk and dairy products to their friends, family, and neighbors. We serve the community like it is our own family.

We focus on nurturing our local communities, supporting small farmers, and delivering better-sourced dairy to people like you.

Our Core Values


Fresh Taste

Our farmers pledge not to use artificial growth hormones and use farming methods that preserve the delicious farm-fresh flavor only cows can produce.


Humane Treatment of Cows

Safe farming practices are one of our top priorities. We implement strict regulations and inspections to ensure attention to detail and quality.


Local Sustainable Family Farms

Built on generations of family farms, our members are passionate about their work, their land, stewardship, and the humane treatment of their cows.

History of Hastings Creamery


Hastings Cooperative Creamery was founded in 1913 as a butter manufacturer and began bottling milk in 1920. Raw milk continues to be sourced from local farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin and our manufacturing facilities are still housed in Hastings, Minnesota.

Over the years the Hastings Creamery brand has continued to grow and evolve but has always remained true to our values and promise to our loyal customers. Our focus is on providing the highest quality products to our customers, including our own families. This includes the brands we own and operate with. As our brand continues to grow, the quality of our products will not change.

Hastings Creamery is honored to carry on the 125-year legacy of cheesemaking in Comstock, WI. Staying true to our Midwestern roots, we proudly produce local  products including organic, small batch Artisan cheeses, that support our communities and the farmers and families within them.

Hastings Creamery is located in Hastings, MN with our cheese plant located in Comstock, WI. We have retail stores in both locations.

Our Dairy Producers

Our farmers do so much more than just farming, they are an integral part of our operation at Hastings Creamery. Our farmers own and operate on their land, producing the farm-fresh products that you purchase in stores. Built on generations of family farms, our producers are passionate about their work, their land, stewardship, and the humane treatment of their cows. They take pride in their product which is why we supply farm-fresh milk to not only your family but our own.