Hastings Creamery Offering Local, Farmer-Owned Milk and Dairy Products

At Hastings Creamery, we are more than a carton of milk. Our milk products are backed by a long history of loving what we do. With each carton, you are doing your part to support local farmers and set the standard for better products and practices in the dairy industry.

Now available: Hasting Creamery’s new product line of chocolate milk, half-and-half, and cream. Look for these products on the shelves!

Our Core Values

Supporting the Next Generation Of Farmers

As a farmer-owned creamery built on generations of family farms, we focus on producing quality products that taste good and are good for you while seeking to ensure that the next generation can successfully continue to farm.

Advocating for Responsible and Kind Farming Practices

Our Certified Organic and sustainable farms are mindful of every local decision we make to lower our carbon footprint, steward our resources, and care for our cows.

Nurturing Our Local Economy

We are a Minnesota co-op nurturing our local communities, supporting small farmers, and delivering better-sourced dairy to people like you.

Enjoy the Fresh Taste of Family Farms

By combining the expertise of generations of farmers and rolling hills of contented cows, we cultivate the satisfying taste of fresh, organic milk.

Our Story

Hastings Cooperative Creamery was founded in 1913 as a butter manufacturer and began bottling milk in 1920. Raw milk continues to be sourced from local farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin and our manufacturing facilities are still housed in Hastings, Minnesota.

Consumer milk products are bottled under the Valley View Farms brand.

Our Products

Our refreshing, high-quality milk is guaranteed to satisfy. It’s simple: Our milk tastes better.

Available for purchase in retail stores and in bulk quantities for schools and businesses, our milk is sourced from farmers who pledge not to use artificial growth hormones. Our HTST pasteurization process preserves the delicious farm-fresh flavor only cows can produce.

We have launched these new products: chocolate milk, half-and-half, and cream. They are available where all Hasting Creamery products are sold. Watch for additional products coming soon.

Comstock Cheese

Hastings Creamery is honored to carry on the 125-year legacy of cheesemaking in Comstock, WI. Staying true to our Midwestern roots, we proudly produce local dairy products including organic, small batch Artisan cheeses, that support our communities and the farmers and families within them.

Watch for our new cheese products in-store at our Comstock, WI and Hastings, MN retail locations, or online in the coming months.

Join Our Family of Farmers

Our member-owners are passionate about their land and its stewardship; passionate about the well-being of their cows; and passionate about providing superior milk and dairy products to their friends and neighbors.

If you’re interested in joining our family of farmers, please email info@hastingscreamery.com or call 651-437-9414.

Stay tuned! New website is coming soon.

Contact Us

Hastings Cooperative Creamery

Phone: 651-437-9414
Email: info@hastingscreamery.com

1701 Vermillion Street
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