Hastings Cooperative Creamery is a farmer owned cooperative organized over 90 years ago. Today approximately 140 local Minnesota and Wisconsin farmers market their raw milk through the Coop. The milk received at the plant is from farmers that have signed affidavits stating they will not treat their cows with rBST/rBGH. All of the milk processed (HTST or vat pasturised) and bottled is certified free of rBST/rBGH.

The licensed brand produced by the cooperative is “Valley View Farms” ; the creamery also bottles private label milk such as Polka Dot Dairy, IVY Farms, and Sampson Dairy. Raw milk is also sold from farms directly to cheese factories, ice cream plants, cultured plants and other milk bottlers.

Currently, the creameries business includes suppling dairy products to supermarkets, convenience stores, foodservice, schools and independent distributors for retail or home delivery.

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